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July 19′ Oven of the Month – Martin Westacott

Welcome to July’s oven of the month. Congratulations to our winner this month, Martin Westacott for his Primo 60 Kit oven!
We love Martin’s white render design and terracotta work top tiles, the whole finish looks perfect for summer and just in time for this hot weather! We were interested to hear the story behind Martin’s oven, which you can read below;
“Since living in Switzerland a number of years ago – and whilst there, developing a taste for Gorgonzola Pizzas – it was a dream of mine to one day build a wood-fired pizza oven in my garden. My nostalgic musings on this subject must have rubbed off on my better-half, since on my 50th birthday last November, I was surprised by a joint family gift of the Primo 60 Oven Kit, organised by my partner, Kate.
I was very excited and after doing lots of reading on your website, what I really liked about the Primo 60 oven was having the assurance of a commercial standard clay domed oven (which wouldn’t crack under high cooking temperatures) that could be built-in to a design of my choosing.
We had our garden landscaped a couple of years ago and so I opted to hide the breeze-block oven base behind wooden sleepers – basically some pretty hefty cladding – meaning that the structure dove-tailed nicely with the rest of the garden. My Uncle specced up (and had constructed) a reinforced steel tray, sitting on the blocks and lintel, in to which we poured concrete to a depth of about 150mm. It was then a four man job to lift the main oven dome on to the insulating boards supplied in the Primo 60 kit. Finally, we rendered the dome and laid terracotta tiles around  it. I found the instructions on the Stone Bake website to be really useful, together with the extensive gallery photos of other peoples oven projects, which provided inspiration for my chosen design.
Getting – well, kindly asking – friends and family to help with the building project was nice in that it turned into a bit of a team effort; from building the super-structure, to lifting the oven on to the base, to getting a friend who speaks Italian to translate the inauguration text for a brass plaque.

And what’s even nicer is that I now get to repay all these favours by cooking pizzas for everybody…!

The oven gets up to about 500 degrees centigrade and it’s a thrill when the sooty black deposits turn to white ash, meaning the oven is ready for cooking – my pizzas are cooking in about 2 minutes flat. I would also definitely recommend rendering and insulating the Primo 60 since it means that it’s ideal for slow cooking joints of meat or other dishes with the falling heat (or even overnight, as I’ve done on a couple of occasions).”

If you would like to be in with a chance of winning Oven of the Month, simply send in photos of your oven and some feedback to [email protected] Whether you purchased your oven a while ago or are a new customer, we would love to hear from you!


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